Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally seem to be over my doldrums and nostalgia. I have to admit that the time spent in reflection was bittersweet. Although sad, it was still nice to remember my mama. I still miss her everyday even though she's been gone for nearly twenty years now. And it was nice to reconnect with my friend Claudia, who grew up just out the street from me on Rosedale Avenue and reminisce about all the good times we had during those summers in our "tween" years. I told her that I sometimes have a difficult time remembering what I did last week but those wonderful years stand out in vivid detail. I can smell the mimosa blossoms from the trees in my front yard (which were cut down a few years later just because of those sticky blossoms), I can hear that tinny little transistor radio where we listened to the top "10" every day until the batteries would fade and die (my brother brought that transistor back to me from Vietnam and I still have it somewhere:), the soft warmth of the summer breeze, the sticky sweetness of an orange shared and relished or a popsicle split, the burn of the pavement on bare feet, splashing in Claudia's little backyard pool, sitting with Mama under the street lights and sharing stories and jokes with the neighbors, riding our bikes from daylight 'til dusk and never tiring, playing "at" baseball with the other kids in the neighborhood in what we called The Circle (it was where two roads converged at an odd angle and formed a big wide spot where we'd all congregate, playing with paperdolls for hours and then sitting on them to hide them if a boy happened by:), sharing secrets and dreams that are long forgotten now, retreating indoors to hide from the afternoon's heat and to spin "45s" on a turntable/record player while we read Teen Fan magazines over and over for hours and secretly dreamed of one day marrying Davy Jones:) Yes, those were such good times. We didn't need lots of money or the latest electronics to keep us entertained, just each other's company. 

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