Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wireless Woes:(

Cell phones have not been my friend lately. Three months ago, I got upset over our first Sprint bill in three years where we'd gone over our allowed minutes. It wasn't just the overage charge but the fifty dollar(!!!) penalty charge. I'd never heard of such a charge and I went a bit overboard with my anger and frustration. Instead of calling Sprint and asking them what was going on, I called AT&T and switched carriers. I ended up with a $250 dollar charge from Sprint for early cancelation and a $500 charge from AT&T to pay for the transfer of service and the fast access modem. I'd understood from the salesman on the phone that the modem was free but I was told that since I didn't have this promise in writing....well, you get the idea-"bend over and assume the position!" The next month's bill was normal which made me feel so much better. Then, yesterday, I'd just gotten back from a busy day of appointments and errands and I opened my mail. There was my AT&T bill. I have to admit that I don't usually look at these bills because they are deducted automatically from our checking account but I'm trying to do better with organization and one of my goals is to file receipts immediately to prevent them being misplaced or lost. So, I opened the bill and was getting ready to file it when I saw the amount. It was well over $300 and almost double what we are suppose to pay every month. I look the bill over and realize that they had charged Steve and I a thousand minutes each over our limit! Another meltdown and another angry call to our cell phone carrier! This time, I did get some satisfaction and peace of mind thanks to a customer service rep named April. Sweetest girl, she calmed me down and actually refunded my money because we'd been mislead to think that we were going to get free incoming call minutes. I doubled our available minutes for just $20 a month and April gave me 300 free extra minutes to get us through the end of this month. So, for once in I don't remember how long, I'm finally happy with the service I've gotten from a cell phone company. And, despite my threats to cancel service yet again, I've decided to stay put with AT& least until the next monetary crisis.

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