Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She's back....

Well, it has been a while this time. It seems that the older I get the faster time passes by....although it probably has more to do with how much I'm slowing down. I certainly can't get all of the things accomplished in one day that I use to. I might as well face it, I'm lucky if I get one thing accomplished in a day. Yesterday was the exception. It was a real multi-task day. I started off with a trip to the's time once again for the dreaded colonoscopy....yikes!! I did manage to put the actual event off for a month because they wanted to set me up for my probing on January 8th but I have front row/center tickets to see Mr. B.B. King!!...and there is no way that I'm having a colonoscopy as the opening act......that didn't sound quite right, did it? Anyway, thanks to my whining about this recurring pain in my side, now I have to have tests run on my gallbladder, too. So, there goes several more days since, as I mentioned before, I no longer multi-task.
After the doctor visit, I went to Wally World to buy wrapping paper, a few gifts and some non-spoiling groceries. Good ol' Walmart, you can't beat them for your multi-tasking days. They make even old codgers like me look like professional organizers. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas at Walmart, I headed to Loudon and the post office to pick up some packages containing Christmas gifts for the kiddos. The Mail Woman who refused to leave them in my garage had evidently not gotten the memo that my sweet (at least to me) pal, Fred, passed away on Labor Day because she left a note in my mailbox saying, "Packages too large for box. Couldn't leave at house--DOG!!" Apparently my Freddie left quite an impression on Mail and delivery people.
Picked up some Christmas stamps and some flat rate boxes for cards and gifts I still haven't mailed while I was at the post office and then I cut across our little town one block to get my hair cut and styled at Paula Smallen's Hair Barn. Paula is not just an amazing hair stylist, she is also a sweet friend that I've known since high school and visiting with her is always a treat. She let me know about all the goings on in town and about the newly decorated window displays down the block from her. So, I slipped in a little walk to admire them before I headed home.
Of course, I wasn't home for very long, I just unloaded the packages and Walmart purchases before heading to the grocery store for those perishables I couldn't pick up before.
I got a phone call and had a conversation with a friend before I left the house so that threw me being a bit later getting home than I'd intended. Well, that an my unexpected stop at the K-Mart next to the grocery store....they were having a 40% off sale afterall! I ended up pulling back in my driveway at 5:00 p.m.! That may not sound so terrible until you realize that I still had to put the horses up and feed them and I only had thirty minutes of daylight left by the time I changed out of my going out clothes and into my mucking the barn clothes and some rubber boots to wade through the muck in. Of course, despite the fact that they all came running into the lower pasture when I drove up, the horses refused to cooperate. Mouse, who isn't a pleasant little pregnant girl, kept kicking and biting the others if they even got close to me. This left me covered with all the muck and mud they were digging up when they'd try to get out of her way. Odd how sweet she can be with me but watch out if you have four legs and neigh.
Anyhow, I finally got them all separated and fed, I finally got the groceries unloaded and all of my packages and purchases unpacked, and I finally got some bills paid and some online work done before Steve, who worked late, got home around 9:00 p.m. Pizza and beer before bed which was eaten with the satisfaction that I had finally accomplished every task I'd set out to in one single day.
Aaah, the hustle and the's beginning to look a lot like Christmas:D