Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10

Weight 202

11:00 AM: Very briefly checking in as this AM is drawing quickly to a close. Yesterday, I managed to slug through the day on three hours sleep. This morning, I must have been trying to make up for it. I was in bed before 10 PM. That's the earliest bedtime for me in a while but I was exhausted. I slept like a log, literally; I don't think I budged. The alarm didn't wake me up but Steve in the shower did so I managed to drag myself into the kitchen and make breakfast for him and pack his lunch. Thankfully, he'd already started his coffee because I don't know if I would have trusted myself with a task that complicated. As soon as he left for work, I fell back to sleep and I didn't wake again until 9:30! My poor horses are still waiting on food because the first thing I did was answer some emails, take care of some paper work and then ate my breakfast. It doesn't seem that my meals will be on track again today and I doubt I'll be fitting in five of them. Now, I'd better head over and make certain that the horses are Ok, feed them some extra hay and ration to make up for this dry and brittle pasture and then I'll get on with what promises to be a very busy day especially now that I have to cram 12 hours worth of work into 7 hours of time. Good grief, this must be the dark of the moon and I do hope that this week improves as it wanes.

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