Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 11

weight, 202 (but it is creeping down slowly)

11:08AM: Well, this day is heading toward the downward slope and the week is already sliding away and I can't say I've made very much progress with either. Second week in and I've already fallen off the wagon several times but I keep crawling back on and trying to hold on for dear life and hope that next week will be better. It's not a problem with cravings or over eating. It's a problem with my sleep cycle which for some reason is all out of whack. I've been getting three hours or less of sleep each night and then stumbling through my day, lethargic and barely managing the normal every day tasks. I've got to change this around because I haven't exercised since Monday's progress test, I haven't been eating the five meals a day or drinking the gallon of water. I also have work piling up that needed to be done yesterday and a sick horse that is not getting my full attention. I did however make phone calls this morning to locate a supplier for the special food that I need for my old mare who is not only losing weight but currently has an abscessed hoof that refuses to heal and I'm out of betadine. I haven't even fed the horses this morning or gotten the information about photo sizes that a customer requested yesterday or gotten my photos ready from the shoot I did on Sunday. I have some design work to do on the magazine plus the website needs to be revamped. And since my old web design software is suddenly obsolete after I upgraded my operating system, I finally have to educate myself on how to use the new software that I purchased last year and haven't even opened. As for the house and finally getting my workshop whipped back into operable shape and this office finally cleaned out and organized with the new desk and shelves finally primed and progress what so ever. I had great hopes for this week but from Sunday on, everything that I've touched seems to fall to pieces and I'm too tired and sleepy to reassemble the parts into working order.

As for the diet, one meal so far today, my faithful old stand-by, cottage cheese and blue berries. I've been living on the stuff and not much else. Oh except for....I failed to mention this.....the left over chicken and shrimp taco filling that I had for lunch yesterday which gave me food poisoning! The chicken that I cooked last week that was suppose to last a week....didn't. After I ended up sick all of yesterday afternoon, I checked what was remaining of the cooked breasts and they had a very pungent odor to them. Sadie, my dog, didn't seem to mind and they didn't bother her iron clad stomach which consumes any dead thing she finds hidden in the woods like it is the finest epicurean delicacy. I don't want to eat rotten food but I do wish my digestive track was as tolerant as hers.

So, I keep moving on despite all of my stumbles this week. This surely can't continue and if I can ever get the furniture moved from the master bedroom so that I can paint the walls and redo the floors and get the office furniture painted and moved back into this room so that I can get organized and stop working out of boxes and let's not forget the workshop that needs cleaning out so I can again, after a five year hiatus, start putting out some of my eerie witches that I so love to do in time for Halloween buyers....well, if I can accomplish all of that, I plan to move my exercise equipment into the spare bedroom and start working out again with the elliptical machine, bike, skier and bo-flex. I'm determined to get back into shape or at least good enough shape so that I have energy and strength again to move through my day and up hills without huffing and puffing. Then too, I might stop stumbling so much. Heaven knows that the cooler weather predicted for the rest of the week is certainly going to help. I keep looking for that silver lining and I keep moving on.

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  1. Hi Sande! Great reading your blog! You are a fantastic writer and lady. I will check back often and see how it is going. I read somewhere that to get anything done you have to do the hardest part first and that is to start. That being said sticking with it has always been challenging to me. The lbs that you have lost in such a short time is great! Truly an inspiration! Will check back on your journey! All the best always! Stephanie