Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 12

I almost didn't post this update since this hasn't been a great diet day. Very busy from the start and I only fit in 3 meals: 1) low fat cottage cheese and blueberries sprinkled with low fat granola, 2) watermelon and mozzarella cheese, 3) (and here is where I really slid down into diet oblivion) my husband and I met for Chinese. I didn't even check out today's menu on RTN so I have no idea if it was a low or high carb day. I didn't exercise except for what I get taking care of the horses. So, my diet may have slipped off the skids but thanks to the advice of a new friend in the Tennessee Horse Owners, Businesses, and Organizations group on Facebook, I changed Brandy's diet yesterday and it has already had a profound effect on her. She's not putting on any weight yet certainly but she is a lot peppier and obviously happier. So, despite my downfalls, it was a good day and tomorrow is another day....movin' on.

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