Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 13

Ok, as for the weight. I bought a new scale yesterday, a digital one since my old dial type was just showing my weight in 5 Lb increments. Well, the new scale has me weighing 10 more pounds than I do on the old one! I weighed on both just to make certain that it wasn't water weight gain from MSG in the Chinese food I had yesterday. It wasn't. So, I'm a bit disappointed; I know that I've still lost weight but I also weighed more to begin with than I thought!

So far today, I've had my easy standby, cottage cheese and blue berries. I really have to change that since one of my bad eating habits is grabbing the easiest and fastest food I can get. I haven't done at all well this week, rarely meeting my five meal a day requirement and completely ignoring diet suggestions from the RTN site but I've also had an incredibly long bout of insomnia. I'm hoping that next week will be completely different. I've already mapped out my schedule so I'm hoping I can stick to it. If I could just get to sleep when I need to, I'll be awake early enough to walk the quarter of a mile to the pasture each morning with the horses food in hand for added weight. If I sleep in, trying to make up for the hours of z's lost the night before, it is still too hot for walking that distance at that time of day. The horses aren't very happy with me either. And, since last night was one of those no sleep nights and I've spent the hours since I finally woke up from my make-up nap, working on this computer, I'd best be feeding those horses now.

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