Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 14

Weight: down nearly a pound! Yea! 209.2

8:16AM: I love Sundays. There is just something so peaceful, quiet and just slow about a Sunday. Even when it turns out to be a "work day," it is still so much easier. Today will hopefully be a workday for me as I try to get our bedroom furniture moved from the master bedroom to a guest bedroom so that I can not only paint the master but also throw down some tarps and paint the office furniture in there as well. I'm beginning to get a little excited as I finally get started on this project I've been planning for months. I can almost see the finish line and I'm hoping that within the next two weeks, all of the cleaning, prepping, painting, and rearranging will be done and I'll be able to finally start the new designs in wood and jewelry that have been floating around in my head for ages. To get things started on a positive note, I had two major sales this week. One was for four photos to a sweet lady in California and the other was the last remaining St Nick in my wood carving/sculpture shop to an old customer from my heyday. I've sold many Santas to this Texas lady who is a collector. She told me that she was thrilled to have found me again and I told her that I'd just started working with wood again after a five year hiatus. It has to be a good omen that she made a purchase just as I am planning on launching my new web shop.

Ok, to the diet, I've been bad, very bad for several days. It seems that the insomnia and the lethargy and frustration that resulted from it just upset the applecart so to speak on both my schedule and my diet. And forget about the exercise; it was an effort just to stay awake and upright for most of the week. I did get an excellent night's sleep last night though and I'm hoping that will mean a better week ahead. Steve is working up at the big farm again today, bush hogging and spraying herbicide on the big hay field. He's promised to stop at the grocery store on his way home and pick up the food we need for this week's meals. I'm putting on a big pot of bean soup for his lunches and I already have the ready rice for him. If he picks up the chicken breasts we will grill them all later this afternoon and then I plan to freeze daily portions so that we don't have to worry about it spoiling again. I'm thinking that two weeks is long enough on the steamed broccoli. I shouldn't have fixed as much as I did because I hate to waste food but I'll just chalk this batch that's going into the garbage up to a lesson learned. I'll be drying tomatoes today to, fresh from the garden and steaming cauliflower for next week's meals. I prefer cauliflower to broccoli anyway. I don't think I'll thaw and cook the ground turkey yet since if we get all of this done and Steve picks up plenty of mushrooms, egg beaters, and deli turkey at the grocery, we should be set for the week.

Breakfast this morning was my favorite, low fat cottage cheese and blueberries topped with just a sprinkling of Ezekiel granola. I know, I'm like a broken record but I do love it and it is easy.

Now I'm off to feed those hungry horses.

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