Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 16

This was a very successful day as far as getting things done. I was up at 4:00 as usual. After Steve left, I ate my breakfast....once again no exercise, bad me.....and then got ready for my day. I packed a carving, St Nick, that is headed to Houston, TX, designed some new stationary for the folk art line and then wrote a letter to the buyer who is an old customer from my Eldred Wheeler/Gallery Americana days. Boy those were good times and I loved all of the folks who worked and shopped at the gallery. Nancy Gould, the owner, use to throw these amazing Christmas in July sales and invite several artists in different mediums to display. It was so much fun and so much like a party the entire time we were there. Most of Nancy's employees and partners were either family members or old friends and she and they always made us feel like we were family, too. She'd always throw an elaborate dinner party at her home which was beautifully decorated. The house they lived in at the time had belonged to former president Bush...George W. and his family. The lady who purchased this Santa owns several of my pieces and she was Nancy's best friend.

Before I could ship the Santa, I had to take some photos of a new foal, a little Arabian filly who is now about a month old. This was my second visit but on the last one, I was late and lost my light. I managed despite the early morning traffic to get there before 7:30 this time and I benefited from it with some amazing light and some pretty good shots.
 The last time I was there to photograph this baby, it was so hot and humid that I was soaked to the skin by the time I finished. Today was much more pleasant and the only reason I was wet when I left was because of the dew and me getting on my knees to be at foal level for the best shots.
After I finished up at the farm, I headed to UPS to mail the package to Houston and then to the grocery store to buy my supplies for the week. Two childhood friends of mine work there and I don't think that either of them was having a good day but it was still good to see them...correction, it's always great to see them because they are both just super people. From there I went to the post office and then home to unload the groceries, feed the horses, package and freeze some tomatoes that I'd dehydrated over night and then on to the photos that I'd downloaded to my computer as soon as I'd gotten home.
The rest of my afternoon was spent in front of this dratted machine but I have to admit, editing photos is one of my favorite pastimes second only to actually shooting them. I got a bit discouraged a few months ago. My photography business has been slow but that might have been a blessing in disguise because it forced me to think outside the box and to branch out to a variety of mediums which should not only help sales but keep me from getting bored and burnt out again. Still, until last week, I hadn't picked up my camera since Danny's birthday photos on May 1st. Until this morning, I'd forgotten how much joy being out in the early hours, alone in the pasture with horses brings me. I think tomorrow morning, I'll be out taking photos of my own beautiful herd.
Around 3:30, I finally stopped for lunch and ended up over eating of course because I was so hungry. That is definitely one bad habit that I need to break! That and the fact that I picked up these low calorie/low fat granola bars to snack on while I drove home because again...I'd missed my second meal and I was hungry. I don't guess they would have been a problem if I had stopped with just one of them but I didn't. Even I'm not honest enough to tell you how many I did end up eating. Still, I fell off of the diet wagon yesterday and I've been sitting in the dirt on my duff ever since. Tomorrow, I'm climbing back in the wagon even if I need a figurative step stool....or old fashion kick in the pants....to do it!
One bit of good news, the "fat" pants that had become tight on me...so tight that I embarrassingly had to wear a girdle to get them fastened....were actually loose on me right out of the dryer this morning!! So, that should be incentive to keep movin' on! Onward and downward (on the scale that is;-)!

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