Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 17

5:06AM: I just told someone over on the RTN site in my Over 50 and Still Reshaping group that the purpose of this blog is to make me aware of and accountable for my actions. I don't know if that is how it started but it certainly has developed its own purpose over the last 17 days. And speaking of self discovery and awareness, my two days of binging on pizza, chips, diet colas and granola bars did teach me a lot about myself.
1) If I don't eat on a regular schedule and skip meals, I end up not only eating more but eating foods that aren't good for me and are usually fast and easy but not nutritious.
2) Eating high fat and foods high in simple carbs doesn't satisfy me and only makes me crave more of the same.
3) My energy level drops when I eat junk food and my blood sugar seems all out of whack.
4) The chest pain and difficulty breathing when I exert myself has returned after eating junk and drinking diet cola. And other problems with my digestive track also.....don't like to talk about bathroom stuff but you can imagine, I'm sure.

So, I'm going to do my best to follow the diet more diligently in the future because I'm now far more aware of how adversely a bad diet effects me in current time....not even going to consider the long term effects on my body and life because that's where it gets really scary.

As for the exercise, I do have my excuses. The major one is that I started on this new life journey right smack in the middle of trying to rearrange and remodel my house. Of course, the major problem there is that we started this process almost ten years ago, we were stopped because of family illness and death and by the time we even considered starting again, most of the house was a royal mess of tarp covered furniture and haphazardly packed boxes. I've been working for the last year trying to make some sense out of all of the boxes and wondering how we managed to accumulate so much STUFF, most of which we never use, over nearly 36 years of marriage...??? I've already put a lot of the "stuff" into storage and have been working for the past month, in between interruptions major and minor, to shift around all of the bedrooms and prepping my long neglected studio/workshop space in our walkout basement to start working on both wood sculpture again and a new project/medium, jewelry. This room, which was a spare/guest bedroom, will be my office and partial studio (for "clean" work), we will be moving the master bedroom into a smaller guest bedroom and while I work on  "fixing" the rest of the house, the old master bedroom will house our exercise equipment. We surprisingly have a lot of exercise equipment considering how out of shape we both are and how long it has been since we used any of it. I hope that I can get the cobwebs and dust blown off of it and start working out in earnest in the next few weeks.
The mess in the house is also why I haven't been doing the metaboost. The rooms where the computers are or where I can plug in my laptop are too crowded at the moment with the before mentioned "stuff" to  workout. Once it is cleaned out, the master bedroom should be large enough to accommodate the exercise equipment and still leave plenty of floor space for metaboosts and work out dvds (which I also possess surprising numbers of because I mistakenly think that just ownership of the dvd will magically whip me into shape.)
Walking is something that I should be doing and you'd think there would be no excuse not to but I hate to walk alone on these isolated rural roads we live on and the area around the pastures which would be perfect for walking is over grown and I've been waiting for two weeks for my husband to bring the tractor back from the big farm that he and his farming partner lease so that he can mow a walking path for me.
I know, excuses, excuses, excuses and any excuse is as good as another......hmmmmm??? seems another problem area that I need to be aware of and change is starting to take form.....????....give me a few days and I'll get it.
Now I'm off to try and clear out a small, workable workout space in the current MBR but I'm not promising that I will workout today. 

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