Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 18

9:15PM: Not much to say today. It's been busy and I did accomplish a lot. Kept to a pretty low fat and low carb day but didn't follow the plan really. Exercise, only if running up and down the hillside trying to get the horses fed before the rain started tonight counts. There was a lot of walking and climbing so that has to count for something....oh, and lifting of hay bales so that's kind of like free weights...isn't it?
Tomorrow, I have my girls' day out with my sweet friend, Pamie. She's having a rough time at the moment and really needs some friend time. She lost her vision a month ago when the retinas in both eyes tore terribly. She is beginning to get some vision back but not enough to really function much less drive or go back to work. She worries that she will lose her job, she worries that her sight will not return after the end of the three months healing period still ahead of her since there is no guarantee that her vision will improve, she worries about who will take care of her and who will pay the bills if she ends up needing long term care. She tells me that she just can't cope with this and I have to admit, I don't know if I could either so it is very difficult to find something to say that will boost her spirits. The one thing that she told me that she missed the most, while she sits in her house alone with the sound from the TV her only companionship, is human contact and interaction. That, I can supply. So tomorrow, I'm making certain that she has a good day. Talking with her made me realize not only how lucky I am but how minuscule my problems are in comparison. She's at the mercy of luck and fate while I can actually do something about my problems. Tomorrow will be an off day for me as far as the diet is concerned but I don't care, she's far more important and I know how much she loves to go out to eat with someone who enjoys their food....and that too I can do for her ;-).
I plan to stop at the grocery store on my way home tomorrow and stock up on all of the things I forgot when I was out on Tuesday. I'm hoping that I'll have a space cleaned out so that I can work out first thing Monday morning and start the week off right! I hope that next week, I can finally start following the program to the T and stop slipping and cheating and walk the straight and narrow so that I can lose this weight. I have plans for the new slim, trim me but I'll save the details for another post.:)

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