Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 19

Just wanted to get a post in before today ends but I'm tired so I'll have to add to it tomorrow.  Good night everyone:)

Today, I had a very enjoyable visit with one of my best friends, Pamie. Pamie is going through a very rough time right now. A little over a month ago, the retinas in both of her eyes suddenly detached. No explanation as to why this happened but she's been through two surgeries without anesthesia because she's had problems during previous surgeries because of an extremely small trachea and actually has coded 4 times. They attempted to do a facial block but it didn't work and so she felt ever cut of the surgeon's knife and since the surgeries were two weeks apart, she had to anticipate that pain in the time between them. She was entirely blind for a month. Now, her vision is gradually returning but she still is unable to drive, work or really function to any degree. Silicone gel replaced the fluid in her eyes for three months. The surgery to remove the gel will not be done until the end of October and then there is no guarantees that she will be able to see beyond the legally blind state that she is in at the moment. She is terribly depressed not only from the fear and anticipation of the unknown outcome that is still two months away but also because she has no distractions as she sits alone in her house day after day. She can't read or watch TV, she can't go out and shop or just walk about in the sunshine. She said the worst part is the lack of human contact. So, we are planning on making these girls' day out dates a regular thing. It will wreck havoc on my diet for one day a week since Pamie enjoys eating out and she also enjoys having her friends enjoy their meals. Yesterday, we had pizza at the Smoky Mountain Brewery which I have to admit, was delicious and the best I've ever had bar none. Then we stopped by her favorite bakery on the way home to pick up some sweet treats for her sister's visit tonight...actually for their breakfast tomorrow morning. She insisted on buying me a cheesecake brownie and I couldn't ;-) refuse....and it was delicious although I could feel the pounds filling out my thighs as I ate it, lol. I insisted that I treat on my next visit and I might just find a place that also offers a great salad....I promise I will at least try to be good since I don't think this is what RTN meant when it told me I could have a treat day.

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