Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 21

Oops....I missed journaling yesterday. No excuses since the previous day was even busier than yesterday but a bit in my defense, is the fact that I didn't finish Friday's post until yesterday morning. I feel terribly guilty about journaling when I'm not following the program the way I should. Steve has been home more this weekend and we've been eating meals together. Yesterday, that consisted of one meal eaten out which was Chinese. Usually, I simply order the meal without the rice but Steve wanted to share a meal of fried rice so I happily and probably too easily complied. As if the rice wasn't bad enough for some really greasy chicken teriyaki, dinner was late and we were both exhausted so we opted for turkey sandwiches and chips in front of the TV. It was whole wheat and high fiber bread, which was delicious, and I did leave the cheese off of mine so I guess, all in all, that I didn't do too badly. And it sure beats the cheese cake brownie that I wolfed down on Friday (although it was way too delicious to feel to guilty about that because something that pleasurable can't be all bad.)

I'm hoping to get some house work done today. I've already cooked the chicken for next week and after I make a pot pie from some of it for dinner tonight (I know, I know, that also isn't allowed on my diet), I plan to freeze portions of it so that it won't go bad like the last week's worth of chicken did. I'm also planning to make a large pot of bean soup for Steve's lunches next week and a pot of cabbage soup for me. I'm thinking, since chicken breasts are once again on sale at the grocery, that I might pick up some more to grill out next week. I need to do as much prep work for the week ahead that I can today including filling the water container again and trying to wean myself from these diet colas that I'm addicted to....and which make me crave junk food. I also hope to start the exercise program again tomorrow morning and follow the entire plan far more diligently in the coming weeks.

The good news is, my pants continue to get looser even right out of the dryer and the scale is showing a small loss as well. So, it is encouraging that, even on a week when I was so bad about following the diet,  I must have learned something and done something right to still be losing.

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