Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 23

I started this day out running behind and I seem to be losing ground as the day moves on. The past week has been a struggle for me both from an emotional view point and in the way it affected my diet. With the diet, there were so many temptations, tests that I failed miserably at, from eating out with a good friend on Friday, to having my husband home for a large portion of the weekend which is an occurrence that has been rare for the last few months, to yesterday being not only stressful but also our thirty-sixth wedding anniversary which means that we celebrated with food.....give me a break, we celebrate everything from births to deaths with food in the South. I was a bad, bad, girl ;-)....especially with the anniversary dinner which my husband delivered to me since I wasn't in the mood to go out, chicken Alfredo, Caesar salad, and chocolate swirl cheesecake for dessert (we did half one slice but it was cheesecake). Again, it was a celebration and not our daily meal plan like it use to be. I'd like to say that I'm back on the straight and narrow with my eating today but I'm not. I haven't fallen horribly by the wayside in a whimpering, binging heap with a bag of cookies and a bowl of chips in front of the TV but I have had a diet cola today and some crackers. I did start the day well diet-wise with blueberries and no-fat cottage cheese but I haven't even checked in at RTN to see what today's plan was either with diet or exercise. And I haven't checked to see what my girls (and some guys) over on the Over Fifty and STILL Reshaping group have had to say....which always inspires and encourages me. I think I'm still suffering some emotional fallout from yesterday. I do have to say about that incident that by the end of the day, my frustration, disappointment and hurt had turned to anger which in this case might be the healthiest way I can feel about it. The anger came after I received a letter from the credit card company saying that they'd made a mistake in the last letter they sent me and that my credit score is actually excellent. Of course, since I'd just been turned down by their representative that morning for a lower interest rate, I'd say that she had this information when she made her decision. I also received another letter from another credit card company offering me either zero interest for 12 months or 1.99 for 16 months on balance transfers. I opted for the 16 months hoping that I could pay it off entirely by then. I know it might be like fighting a fire with gasoline but it will feel so good to be able to close that account entirely! And, even after the 16 months are up, I'll still be paying an interest rate that is less than half what I'm paying now through Bank of America....ugh! Spread the word about their shady practices because I'm not the only person that they've used these tactics on to raise the interest rate to a totally unmanageable amount. Credit card companies are the slime and slugs of the financial world and if I can get mine paid off, I'm going to start practicing financial dieting. If I can't afford to pay cash, I don't buy! NO MORE CREDIT CARD DEBT!!!!

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