Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25

I'm still off kilter. I've had quite a bit of digestive track upset for the last few days and I'd imagine it was something I ate. I don't know if it's anything in particular or just the fact that I've been skipping meals....and not just the extra ones scheduled on the RTN program.....and then starving and eating everything in sight. It seems to take a lot more to make me feel full and satisfied when I eat like that and so I eat more and usually foods that aren't very good for me. I don't know what has caused me to spin out of control like this. Not any progress on my diet today but I am doing my best to get my entire life back in balance. Today's project is cleaning out this office space not only getting our finances back in order in the process....taking a break from working on the books to post this finally filing a years worth of receipts that were packed into a large, overflowing basket but also  just sorting and straightening so that I can finally get the new furniture painted and moved in here. It is a lot bigger task than I first thought. One problem is, I moved into this space...somewhat, I've been living out of boxes, bags and baskets.....six months ago and I'm finding that many things were just tossed into random boxes with the intention of sorting it out later. Well, judgement day has come and I'm playing the judge and deciding what stays and what goes in the trash can. I know that I'll feel so much better once this is done. I'm also sure that I'll be ready to tackle another task, another room and possible my diet and exercise program next. But right now, I'm still knee deep in unfiled and unrecorded receipts and I'm not feeling very enthusiastic especially as the day is rapidly slipping away from me and I don't feel as if I've made a lot of progress. Then again, progress is progress but still having work to do will mean that tonight's dinner will be the second pizza that I picked up yesterday (on sale 2 for 10 so how could I resist such an economical and quick meal?) I'll try to throw in a salad, too, just to pretend that we're eating a healthy meal. I'm sorry that I've seemed so discouraged lately and that I've not only not made any progress but seem to have slipped back several steps. I still have faith in myself though and I knew that trying to change my entire life would not be easy. Today, I've taken an important and rather large step in taking on the mess in this room. Once this is done, I know that I'll feel like I've taken a huge leap forward in getting my life pulled together and that is sure to offer me the encouragement and enthusiasm that I need to keep moving forward. Today's already part of my history. I can't change or correct anything I've done, right or wrong. All I can do is consider just what I've learned and build from that. 

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