Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 6

Weight: 204, 6 pounds down

7:41 a.m.: Just like Alice's rabbit, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! I'd hoped to be out the door and taking care of the horses forty minutes ago but then again, it is the weekend. Breakfast this morning had a little extra protein, egg substitute omelette with low fat mozzarella inside and topped with mushrooms, onions, green peppers and shrimp that had been sauteed in a spritz of healthy heart spray and on the side fresh garden tomatoes and pico de gallo....altogether now....YUM! I'm nourished, full and ready to start my day!

10:14 a.m.: Just back from tending the horses and taking ice water to Steve and his pals who are FINALLY (happy, happy, joy, joy:) moving and cutting up the two huge trees that have been lying across our front yard for at least two months. No more tromping through the poison ivy and trekking around the obstacle course in the woods to get to my back door with groceries and horse feed!

I'm cooling off with some cranberry water since I gave the last of my gallon left from yesterday to the guys. Not to worry, no sugar and hardly any carbs in this cranberry water. I used it on a very successful cleansing diet years ago. It is an acquired taste because this isn't made with that apple juice sweetened cranberry juice that you usually see in the stores. No, this is pure, unsweetened cranberry juice which is actually quite bitter but once you get used to it is very refreshing. It's mixed 5 parts water to 1 part cranberry juice or in the case of that huge larger than I thought it would be gallon of water, one container of juice to the rest water to bring it up to that gallon line. I'm going to have my second meal of the day as soon as I cool off, think it will be my favorite cottage cheese and those blueberries and they are sooooo good for us.

One bit of very good news. I pulled on a pair of jeans this morning that I couldn't even come close to buttoning and zipping last Saturday....I'm talking at least four inches from button to button hole with me pulling as hard as I could. Well......drum roll please:))).....after just six days on the program, the pants not only button, they are LOOSE!!! In fact, they are almost falling off loose! HooRah!

There is something else that I mentioned on the RTN site in my Over 50 and still ReShaping group (LOVE them all, great group!) earlier this morning. Besides the weight loss, I've noticed another wonderful benefit to eating healthy, my moods have been altered and in a very, very good way. I said before that I didn't think there was any help for the gray moods (much worse than blue, trust me!) of menopause but surprisingly, for the last week, I've been almost joyful! Lots of exclamation points I know but it's that kind of post. I've been so down, depressed, stressed and just generally un-energetic and unhappy for several months now. I was making hardly any progress with my work, my house, my life in general. There were some days that I literally took to my bed and read, watched TV or slept all day. I find that very hard to admit because I've always believed in hard work and that you can achieve anything that you work hard enough at but after months of trying and trying and feeling like I just couldn't get anywhere, I had given up. Now, I am feeling so enthusiastic not only about each new day but about the future. I think eating healthy might be the best drug around. Now, I just have to start really hitting the exercise part of healthy living. With this new found energy, that shouldn't be a problem.

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