Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 8

4:57 AM: My weight is down but I don't know exactly how much since my scale only measures in 5 pound increments. I'm guessing that in the past week, my first week on the program, I've lost between 7 and 8 pounds. I need a new scale, one that weighs not only in pounds but percentages of pounds but that would mean going electronic again. I don't have a lot of luck with electronic things. This was pointed out very well this morning. I upgraded my computer operating system this weekend. That should have been a good thing but I realized this morning that two of my most used software programs are no longer compatible with the new system. I can't even open them and don't know yet if I will be able to transfer my programs to my lovely, out-dated lap top. Oh my, it is a Monday!

12:05 PM: Grief, what a day! Nothing terrible but it's another of those where I've been behind before I even started. I finally finished my 2nd meal of the day at the time I should have been finishing the 3rd meal. Still, I kept to the program and ate low fat and nutritious. I had a whole wheat tortilla filled with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, shrimp and chicken and topped with salsa. Now, on with my day and hoping that I actually accomplish something worth noting.

10:02 PM: Today ended up being a cheat day but I did accomplish something new since I really only followed the exercise part of the program twice last week. Today I did my first accelerator. The weather has been so hot and humid that just taking care of my horses and walking up and down the hill, left me gasping for breath. Tonight, there are storms rolling in and they seem to be pushing out all of that thick, hot, damp air and replacing it with a refreshing breeze and temps in the 80's. I walked across the field to the horses and not only wasn't the least bit out of breath despite my quick pace but I didn't even break a sweat. It felt good and exhilarating. I also did the megaboost since this is test day. I know my results are probably pitiful but the entire purpose is to show improvement at the next test. Today I did 56 push ups, 33 swing ups (I definitely need to improve my core strength!) and 59 squats in the two minutes. If I really start to follow the program and start doing the megaboost first thing in the mornings as recommended and then fitting in one or more accelerators (walks where you vary the intensity from low to high during regulated time spans) throughout the day, surely I will show an improvement by next week....and hopefully burn a lot more calories, too.

On the cheat side and in my effort to be completely honest, I only managed to fit in four meals because of interruptions. Then tonight, I had a friend in need of my friendship, a listening ear and a generous heart and since my time was all I had to give her at the moment, I gave it freely. My husband took care of feeding the horses for me and then once my phone call with my friend ended, I walked across the field to join him. That isn't the cheat part.......It was late when we finished with the horses and everyone seemed to want a little extra attention from us and who could refuse those sweet, loving creatures. When we got back to the house, my husband suggested a grilled chicken burrito over the salmon I had ready to grill for dinner. I gave in too easily I guess because I was tired, too and the thought of another chicken breast just kind of pushed me out the door. But besides the honesty, the other thing I promised myself when I started this journey was forgiveness. We're all going to have long, stressful days and slip off of our path occasionally and it's only a failure if we fail to get back on and keep movin' on.

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