Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zippity Doo Dah!

My, oh my, what a wonderful day!!!!............Not that yesterday started off at all good. In fact, I woke up with an upset stomach, pain and raging diarrhea....I know, I know, too much information. I was feeling so bad that I didn't know if I could make my 1:15 appointment with my doctor that afternoon. I managed to rally before time to leave but I was still very uncomfortable as I sat in the waiting room at my doctor's office. The nurse called me back to the exam area and started taking my vitals. My doctor has been telling me for over a year that I need to lose weight and start exercising in order to lower my blood pressure and to avoid the need for medication. I have tried and I've failed and I've succeeded and I've backslid and I've tried again. Lately, I had been feeling so badly that I wasn't trying at all. There had been a dramatic change however because after my last visit to the doc, two weeks ago, I discovered I was anemic. So, I started taking a daily multi vitamin and an iron supplement. Within a few days, I was feeling better than I'd felt in months or maybe even years! I not only started walking every day, I actually enjoyed it and looked forward to it. It's been a long time since I actually looked forward to any physical activity because I was both so low on energy and it caused me discomfort. Suddenly though, I felt at least twenty years younger!
You wouldn't have thought that two weeks would be long enough to see significant results but when the nurse took my blood pressure, I asked her what it was since my doctor had commented at my last visit that it was extremely high but he hadn't told me what it was. She said, "It's 124 over 82." I think because I expected bad news, I said, "That's still too high, isn't it?" To my shock, she answered, "No, honey. That is as close to perfect as you can get."........Wow! It has been years and years maybe even decades since I've heard the word perfect associated with my blood pressure reading!!
When my doctor came in and was going over the results of the deluge of tests that he'd run on me, I asked if he wasn't happy with my blood pressure reading. He pulled today's vitals up on the computer screen and I swear, his eyes widened in surprise. He said that my last reading, two short weeks ago, had been 174/124!!! We both were amazed at the dramatic change and he added that I'd lost 8 pounds. He attributed the drop in blood pressure to the weight loss but since I lost significantly more last year but didn't lower my blood pressure any where near that much, I think that both the good blood pressure reading and the weight loss are because I'm moving again.......and loving it!!

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