Monday, October 10, 2011

The Easy Way Out

Last night I faced a problem that I often have lately, Steve gets home late, there is nothing to cook or heat up, neither of us had time to run to the grocery and restock the frig and pantry, I'm tired, he's tired, and we make the worst choice ever and opt for pizza. We do choose healthy ingredients for the most part with pineapple, spinach, onions and peppers but then we add ham and bacon and call it breakfast for tomorrow. We didn't get to the grocery store and we are out of bread, and the new frig broke and ruined most of our food that I wasn't able to cram into the old one (This thankfully isn't a weekly occurrence but I'm so thankful that I kept the old frig around because even though cosmetically, it is a mess, it still works better than the new, expensive one....which isn't working at all at the moment.) I have plenty of excuses but one of the major ones, I just love pizza. Still, I realize that much of my over eating is caused by bad planning. Although our ever changing schedule often prevents me from planning meals a week in advance as most plans suggest, I'm still smart enough to gather enough easy, quick and nutritious emergency food to get us through. I've always REALY resented those super skinnies who think I must be fat because I'm lazy which I'm not but in this one circumstance, they may be right. I've become such a hermit that I dread going out in public. Silly as it sounds, I always think that people are judging me on my appearance. This might be because I judge myself so harshly but I tend to turn tasks like grocery shopping over to my husband. When he's very busy, like he's been for the past few months, the shopping doesn't get done and I end up saying, "Why don't we just order the three-fer pizza deal? We can have it for dinner and then breakfast and lunch! .....Yeah, that's a solution.

This week's goal: get myself to the grocery store!

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