Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good News

Much good news, my ct scan results came back clear, I have more energy and enthusiasm every day and I've been losing a pound every day without even trying. I go to see the doc again tomorrow and I'm going to run my theory by him about the malfunctioning frig and food poisoning being the culprits which kept me sick for over two months. I'm not certain why I'm losing weight because my diet lately has not been great but I am far more active than I've been in several months so perhaps that's the cause. I'm hoping that when I really start exercising beyond just working with the horses and my daily walks, that I can really kick my metabolism up into high gear. Being several sizes smaller and having loads of energy and vitality would be a wonderful Christmas gift to myself.

The bad news is, my husband injured himself. He slipped and fell and landed on a large jack. He thought he'd broken a few ribs but the doctor who examined him on Friday told him no that it was either just a crack or a deep bruise. That is good news in a way but the doctor did not x-ray so my husband is being extremely cautious because he's afraid that if it is cracked, he might break it. That in a way is bad news for me since he is home most days because of the injury and trying to get caught up on work he's let go around  our house and farm. That sounds like good news for me, doesn't it? Well, he's afraid of doing certain tasks so I'm getting nothing done on my chores and goals because I'm helping him all day long. Ahhh, c'est la vie ;-D

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