Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm copying this exactly from my own post on another site, " My favorite art teacher once told me not to under value my work. She said that people would consider my art to be as valuable as I considered it to be whether that value was high or low. I have to admit that I've struggled with that concept my entire life and not just with my art but with myself. I've allowed some people, who usually have their own agenda whether it is with me or my work and that agenda is usually control which some people thrive on, to have too much influence on what I think of myself as well as my art. I think we all do that and it's time it stopped! Confidence is sexy, it is probably the most appealing characteristic we can have. Confidence isn't vanity, it is simply believing in yourself and your abilities or capabilities. Loving yourself is not selfish but actually selfless because the more you love yourself, the more you can love others and show that love to others. So, lets start facing our lives, each day with confidence. We can do anything that we think we can but we'll never do anything that we convince ourselves that we can't." Quoting myself, how's that for confidence? Seriously, I've seen the affect that my confidence has on others....or my lack of confidence. I have terrible stage fright, despise public speaking and I just hate any large crowd even parties. You'd think I would feel safer in a crowd where I can hide but instead I usually feel more isolated and oddly more on display. And for some reason that I've never fathomed, I end up panicking, talking and laughing louder and bringing attention to myself. If I were going to analyze this, I'd say it was because I was the youngest of four children in a family where everyone always talked over the other and meals or any gathering were always, in a way wonderfully, boisterous. That is how I behave when I'm insecure and although being the loudest person at the party does get me attention, it is not the kind that I want and it tends to push people away. At my best though, when I enter a gathering with confidence, I'm calm, gracious, involved in conversations, interested in what the other person has to say and not just how I'm going to react to or answer what they have to say, and people seem to radiate toward me. Confidence makes you attractive and when you think of the meaning of the word, it means pulling people or objects to you. People want to be near a confident person. Quoting myself once again, confidence is sexy. We should consider when we go out in public, pulling on our confidence like a warm, comforting sweater because it is our best accessory. 

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