Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting my Priorities Straight

Today's challenge from Me and You Health was to list five things that make you happy. I think this challenge might just change my life. I realized as I thought about this that I need to reclaim my joy. For several years, I've allowed all of the worries and burdens of life to take over my life and leave me with little time for myself and my loved ones much less joy. So, I think I might just have to go back a few years and remind myself of just what does make me happy.

1) creating.......I've become stagnant over the last few years. First came burn out by trying too hard to make my business profitable and letting it take over my entire life....and when that happened, I lost the joy of creating. Those of you who are artists or creative in any field will understand what I mean by losing yourself in your work. When you completely lose yourself in the creative process, it brings such bliss.

2) spending time with my husband, my life mate, my best friend exploring and discovering new things. The best vacations have come when we just surrendered ourselves to the process. I let go of my tendency to over think and over plan every thing and he let go of his need to constantly be productive and busy and we both just relaxed and immersed ourselves into our surroundings, the culture of where ever we happened to be and the experience of the moment....again, bliss.

3) spending time with my horses and my dog....I've neglected all of them as well as myself. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't ridden my own horses in nearly two years. Both they and I have become fat, slow and sluggish. In my defense, I felt progressively worse and worse last year until I finally discovered that celiacs disease was to blame and in the previous year, I had my fear of riding to overcome which had been caused by a bad fall several years prior which had also become worse and worse. It is the same as with the other activities on today's list though, when I am riding and truly one with my horse, there is not only a connection which is amazing and almost spiritual but there is that feeling of bliss that you get only from totally surrendering yourself to the moment and the experience and letting go of your fears, worries, and anything else which is preventing you from being happy.

4) the primary reason for so much of my unhappiness over the last few years has been my home. We almost literally tore it apart quite a few years ago (I'd say ten but I stopped keeping track long ago because it depresses me to think about it) with the intention of remodeling. Then a family illness and death kept us preoccupied for some time and when we were through that, we suddenly realized that not only had this hill turned into a mountain but we no longer had the money to complete what we'd started. I keep chipping away at it but if I'm being honest, I'd admit that I'm overwhelmed and do little more days than I actually make any progress and each day there is more and more that needs doing, fixing, completing. The odd thing about this is that house pride use to be one of the things that made me happiest. I loved decorating, I loved gardening (also long neglected and awful looking for other reasons that I won't bore you with), and I actually loved home maintenance. Now, this house is just a source of distress and depression for me.

5) which brings me to the last item on the list of things that make me happy....spending time with my family and friends, entertaining them, cooking for them, laughing with them. It's been far too long since I've even invited anyone to my house or let them in the door for that matter much less entertained or had house guests (we use to joke that we were the half way house because we are half way between our friends in the frigid North and the warm beaches of the gulf and Southern coast and we were a popular stop over for those friends ten years ago.) Now, I panic if anyone says they might stop by.

I'm adding a 6) physical activity.....when I was in shape and working out every day, I loved it. I loved how it made me feel, I loved the "high" I got when I was doing it and if I missed a day, it just didn't feel right. I ate a healthy diet and craved healthy foods not the junk I eat now.

I'm looking over this list and I realize that I can get all of this back. True, the house which has been the major burden holding me back will take the longest and many things will have to be make do and do my best until I get the money to fund changes and repairs but what I need to do is move the repairs and home maintenance down to the bottom of my priority list for a while and concentrate instead on: my art, my husband, my horses and dog, my health and fitness and my spiritual well being. I'm thinking if I once again get my priorities straight that the worries and burdens that have been holding me back will eventually be taken care of.

Thanks Me and You Health Challenge.....I really needed this one!

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