Friday, March 30, 2012

One Word

I've mentioned the site Daily Health Challenge before. They send you a new challenge every day on the premise that one small change a day can truly effect your health, happiness, and life in general. Sometimes the challenges are exercises, sometimes diet changes, and others, lifestyle changes. Yesterday, the challenge was to think of a joyful time in your life and describe it in one word. My word was, TOGETHER. I chose that word because I realized that the really happy times in my life were always shared with someone I loved. I also remember times when I felt extreme joy but then a let down because I had no one with me to share the moment. Thinking about this made me realize just how blessed I've been to have shared my life with so many special people. I think I like these type of challenges more than the others because they do make me think and they often change the way I think. I truly believe that you can change your life by changing your mind. I saw an exercise recommended a few days ago that I plan to start! You simply look in the mirror at least once a day and say an affirmative statement, "I love and accept myself just like I am." The psychologist who was talking about this exercise, said that, at first, your mind will argue with you and you'll start thinking of all of the faults you perceive in yourself, all of the things you want to change or wish you could change. She said, that's okay. Just let those thoughts come but each day, look in the mirror and repeat that affirmation. She added that it will take about thirty days but eventually, you mind will start to change its mind; it will start to believe the affirmation. You will start to believe in yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself....and how wonderful would that be?

A very good note.......I've lost 5, five....count 'em FIVE pounds this week!!! Whoohoo! Yahooo! Yippe Ky Yah!!!!!!!

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