Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Down to Business

When I started this blog, I had no idea that I would soon discover that I had celiacs disease. This has not been a bad thing. Quiet the contrary, it is a very good thing because now, I not only know why I was sick for so long but how to get healthy again. It hasn't been an easy journey\ but I have come so far and learned so much in the three short months since diagnosis. It's been a struggle at times as I learned what foods I couldn't eat and tried to leave behind some old favorites. I've discovered that if I want to lose weight and be healthy, I can't rely on the sans gluten substitutes because they are full of fat and other unhealthy ingredients. So, for the last few weeks, I've been trying to eat as purely and simply as possible using the freshest ingredients I can find. Experimenting with my food and learning new ways to prepare it has been a wonderful adventure. I've taught myself how to make my own teriyaki sauce...which I personally think is better than store bought. I've found new, gluten free sources for items like soy sauce that I can no longer buy off of the grocery shelves. I've begun to relish the taste of fresh vegetables and I'm actually starting to crave them instead of sugary or salty treats....although, I still do have my moments of temptation. I've given up my much loved diet Dr Peppers and that is an on going battle. Still, I'm finding myself with new energy and enthusiasm in my daily life which is well worth the few small sacrifices I've made. I've started looking forward to the future instead of planning and then being disappointed in myself when I fail. That last one is still a constant struggle for me but I am improving each and every day. I am being more forgiving of myself. I've started thinking of those lists and plans as just arrows pointing the way and not slave masters flogging my motionless back.  I'm trying to live more in the moment and celebrate each small triumph and accomplishment. And, you know what? I am accomplishing more now, without set plans, than I ever did with them. So, the daily "want/need to do" list is gone except for a few set in stone appointments and dates. The "I'm going to lose this many pounds by this date" mentality is no more as well. I am going to start using this blog soon in the way I intended it from the beginning. I will still take note of the life style, emotional and mental strides toward balance that I'm making and I'll post new recipes, info and ideas I come across but I will also include updates on my diet, maybe on a daily basis along with exercise, and weight loss as well as health updates. Speaking of which, I've been losing about a pound a week for the last month! I know that isn't earth shattering but it is enough of a tremor to shake my life up in a very good way.

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