Sunday, April 29, 2012

The title of my last post got me to thinking about Bonnie Raitt's song, Something to Talk About. It was always a favorite but this video has stuck in my memory for twenty plus years. Bonnie said about acting in this video,  “I said that if Dennis Quaid, who was a good buddy of mine, would star in the video as my boyfriend, then I could act more flirty than if I tried to act like that in front of the camera. Because I’m not an actress, and I wasn’t used to videos. The way the song sounds so sexy, I said, that would make me more comfortable and relaxed.

“He said yes, and all my fears went away. Basically I was blushing the whole way, throwin’ it back at him, and he was suckin’ on a toothpick….” Bonnie, it worked! 

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