Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Day is This?

Do you all recall how I use to label each day? When did I lose track of that? Life has been a bit crazy lately but I'm beginning to get a handle on it. I have been losing weight over the last few weeks. After I had to cut pasta, bread and pastry out of my diet along with lots of other convenience foods because of the celiacs, I thought that I would lose weight quickly. That didn't happen. The reasons why it didn't happen are most likely two: one, gluten free substitutes which I was eating like crazy for at least the first couple of months, are very high in fat and often sugar (I guess they have to do something to keep them all from tasting like cardboard) and two, depriving myself of one food group just seemed to drive me toward other usually unhealthy fare as a substitute...such as gelato (a monthly, sometimes weekly substitute for the ice cream I only had once or twice a year before,) Hershey kisses (virtually the only gluten free chocolate which is readily available,) tortilla chips and cheese when I crave "bread" (a double whammy of high sodium and high fat,) and although I love my stir fried and roasted veggies, one is loaded with olive oil (I could cut back a lot) and one with sodium (although I try to use low sodium Tamari and I make my own Teriyaki sauce.) I am starting to get that all under control but it is taking a lot of effort and thought. I just found out today that the canned chile beans and packaged rice that I've been packing for Steve's lunches for YEARS is loaded with sodium....I mean like a week's worth each day! So, today, I'm making him a pot of beans and I'm going to try the new rice cooker again and hope for better results. Steve let me sleep in this morning because I didn't sleep well last night....sweet guy. He fixed his own breakfast and when I got up, I waited about three hours before I decided to eat. So, I had breakfast for lunch...saute'ed spinach and garlic with three scrambled eggs and a little bit of pre-cooked bacon pieces...I know, I know, I was doing good until I got to the end there but it was delicious. I'm hoping to get some decent rice out of that new fangled rice cooker for dinner, roasted brussel sprouts (this time less olive oil) and chicken breast for Steve. I figure that the three eggs at breakfast/lunch are enough protein for my entire day. I also guess, since we usually eat late because Steve has been working on the farm every free minute, that I'll most likely have a protein shake later this afternoon. I have been more active lately. I'm not only starting Danny's ground training but I'm working his "uncle" horse, Riley, too. There's a long story about all of that over on Danny's blog but I will say that it is a pretty good workout. The long and short of it, I'm beginning to balance out my diet, I'm more active and I am losing weight. I told someone this morning that it's a very gradual weight loss so far. I compared it to a slow snail trying to climb a hot slide pace...down one pound, up two, down two, up one...but it is coming off at the rate of about a pound a week. Over the last month, I've lost a bit over four pounds but I'm still not down into the 100's yet. Ooooh, I can't believe I admitted that one! It's been so long since I've told anyone besides Steve and my doctor how much I weigh....and I didn't really tell the doc, he just insists on weighing me every time I drop in for a visit. That accounts for my infrequent doctor visits and why I didn't go two months ago when I fell out of the hay trailer and I'm pretty certain, that I broke something in my foot and ankle. Sad, that I'd rather suffer than admit that I've put on weight since I saw him last. Still, four pounds is four pounds and I may still have 73 to go to reach my goal but I am headed in the right direction...just wish this snail could learn how to slide uphill.

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