Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just ate my first ever steamed artichoke and it was aaawesooome! It was surprisingly filling for a food where you just eat the tips of the leaves. I ended up steaming it in a microwave steaming bag which was very easy to do. You wash the artichoke, cut off the tough end of the stem (leave some because the heart in the stem is the best), slice it in half, put it in the bag and add a bit of olive oil, some Mrs. Dash's Garlic and Herb (my own touch 'cause I love that stuff!), salt and pepper and about 2 T. of water. Steam for 5 min and eat!

I ate mine with about a T. of melted butter mixed with more of good ol' Mrs. Dash and also some Ranch dressing...not at the same time. It was so good. You have to remember to cut the choke out (the "fuzzy" part in the center) because it is prickly and as they say, "The choke will choke you."

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