Friday, May 4, 2012


Affirmations went great this morning and the DHC challenge was a self hug and stretch. That was an affirmation in itself. I love hugs even when they are self-administered but I think, when Steve gets back from buying tractor parts, I will get a hug from him,too...and give one in return.

This day is off to a great start! I was out with the horses early. I've put everyone on a diet because I'm worried about Mouse's weight. She's not feeling a bit good lately and I know her stifles and joints are bothering her. Mine bother me, too so I explained to her that we both were going to start eating less fat and moving more. She actually seemed to understand but the three boys do not understand why they're being restricted, too. I do think the girl is gaining weight because she gobbles up her own food and then steals theirs. I can't be accused of stealing Steve's food. We just both eat too much and we've been making a habit of eating our dinner way too late for several weeks now. I have some low fat meals planned for the next week, many of them vegetarian.

I started today with a cup of blueberries - 84 calories/.50 g. fat (I love,love,love,love blueberries!), 1 cup low fat cottage cheese - 160 calories/2g fat, and Udi's Cranberry, Gluten-free Granola 1/4 cup - 120 calories/9 grams of fat.

I sure wasn't aware that there was that much fat in the granola. I've been eating it throughout the day, too. That's a habit I need to nip in the bud before it grows. Still, it is very good atop the blueberries and cottage cheese:) and it has 3 g of fiber. My total for breakfast is 364 calories/11.5g fat. Not too bad but it certainly helps to be aware of what I'm putting in my body and not just eating mindlessly. I'm much less likely to eat junk food if I know that I have to write it down and record it for everyone to see. Now I wish I hadn't bought that bag of Hersey kisses yesterday!

I'm hoping that watching what I eat and starting to exercise least several good walks every day at first...and being more active in general will help to boost my weight loss. I still have so much to lose to get to a healthy weight. Maybe Mousie and I can lose weight together and become slim and trim again. I have lost 9 pounds since the first of the year when I went gluten free. My goal would be three times that by June fourth. That might be too ambitious and double nines at eighteen pounds might be pushing it but we will see. I know that in the past, I always lose a lot the first two weeks after starting an exercise program and changing my diet but I'm older and heavier than I've ever been so I don't know how much effort I'll be able to put into an exercise program at first. Walking might be the limit for the first month until I get some weight and pressure off of my knees, hips and ankles. Still, I'm feeling very hopeful about changing some bad habits and initiating some really good ones over the next four weeks!

Lunch...nonfat plain yogurt 100 calories/0 fat, partial pack of ranch dip mix, carrots 30calories/0fat and a few tortilla chips 146 calories/7g fat....I was doing so good to begin with.....and then there were the Hershey's kisses. Okay, here's the plan....stick to healthy eating for the rest of the day (I'm thinking stir fried veggies in grape seed oil with a little shrimp for dinner) and start fresh tomorrow. I'll have to try to calculate the stir fry. I usually use broccoli, celery, mushrooms, green pepper, onion and a few carrots. I also usually make my own sauce but tonight I'll be using a commercial brand of gluten free peanut sauce that I found and that Steve really likes. The good news is, I don't need to use much for really great flavor. I also try to not use much oil when stir frying the veggies. So, I should be able to calculate fairly close on calories and fats with this often made dish. We really like this one. 

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