Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's for Dinner?

From last night, a simple stir fry made up of broccoli, green cabbage, shrimp, celery and carrot all cooked in no more than a tablespoon of grapeseed oil and topped with about two tablespoons of peanut sauce (this time I used san J gluten free sauce but I often make my own stir fry sauce from soy sauce (there are several gluten free varieties available,) ginger, garlic, raw sugar and rice wine vinegar.)
I posted this photo on FB and a friend commented on what a good cook I was. I told her that I'm not a good cook at all but one that likes to throw in everything but the kitchen sink. Another friend said, in her book, that made me a good cook because she and most people rely too much on convenience foods. But my current "cooking from scratch crash course" is not by choice but because all of the convenience foods I use to rely on are chocked full of gluten. I also watched a movie not long ago which talked about what else all of those boxed and canned foods have in them and it scared me enough to get me busy in the kitchen. We eat late every night out of necessity now because Steve isn't getting home until around 9:00 every night. Every single night, I think about how I'd rather just go to bed without my supper than to have to cook at that hour. That's one reason why I love stir's fast and easy and easily changeable to use whatever is in my frig.

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