Sunday, May 20, 2012

You Are What You Believe

I just started a book about the secrets of successful people who achieve their dreams and the first paragraph said just about the same thing we've been doing with those daily affirmations on DHC, you are what you believe you are. It's kind of like how it helps our souls to see the blessing in the hardship, the silver lining in that ol' gloomy cloud and to find something in every day to be grateful for (just being alive and able to see and enjoy the day is sometimes enough for me.) I've only been saying affirmations that I truly know I can do and actually convince myself of but today, I added another, "I am an athlete." I realize that this seems the farthest thing from the truth right now to look at this 56 year old, over weight and out of shape woman BUT I think I can become an athlete if I just convince myself first. Belief equals desire and desire is the first step in achieving any dream. So, I believe I can be an athlete, I can be fit and I can be a healthy weight and I can be overflowing with energy and wellbeing. Despite the fat, I've been blessed with good health, all of my "numbers" are good, so I need to stop abusing that gift, which it truly is, and start taking better care of myself and becoming that athlete. I'm not delusional, I'm not thinking I can enter the Olympics or even a local 10K (my knees can't hold up to running on pavement) but I will be an athlete in my own mind if I am fit, slim and active and enjoying daily exercise with ease.

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