Monday, July 2, 2012

Chew, chew, chew your food

The DHC challenge for today was to chew your food twenty times with each bite. That does seem a bit excessive to me especially if you're eating mashed potatoes or ice cream both of which are already "chewed" but then, a health challenge probably isn't going to suggest eating either of those luscious but fattening foods anyway.....bummer.

This is probably another good exercise for me though since I really need to work on chewing my food longer and being more aware of what I'm eating. I honestly wonder if my current state of obesity isn't directly related to how I eat not what I eat. Really, I don't eat a lot of fatty, unhealthy food or junk. My diet is usually balanced and very healthy (The gluten free brownies that we had last night topped with delicious, cooling Mayfield's "the best ever" ice cream were a rare if yummy exception.:) but I do tend to eat as if someone is holding a gun to my head and usually I'm totally oblivious to what I'm doing. Our dining room is still an "under construction zone." So, we end up eating from trays, inclined on pillows in our bed and watching other words, after the first bite or so, we no longer even taste the food much less keep track of how many times we're chewing it. The dining room won't be functioning again for a while but my new studio space, complete with a lovely pub table, should be finished within the next two weeks. We plan to start having our meals there. I won't guarantee that the TV in the room won't be turned on but maybe, at least during meals, I can keep it tuned to Pandora for some digestively soothing tunes.

I know that this is my first post in a very long time. I might offer an explanation later but for now, I'm baaaaack. Sorry for the silly mood which is actually a really great mood for me on a Monday. We finally got our bedroom moved into the guest bedroom yesterday. It was a lot more work than I'd anticipated but well worth it since the guest bedroom has functioning ac where our former bedroom (soon to be my studio and quasi exercise room at least on the far end...which explains the need for a TV) did not. Our temps....heck, nearly the entire U.S.'s temps!....have been over 100 degrees since last Thursday. That scorching heat and high humidity explains my lack of activity both on and off of this computer. I've truly felt as if I was melting and when I go each day to cool the horse off by wetting them down with a bucket of water and sponge, they aren't the only ones who end up soaked but mine comes not from a bucket but out of my pores....yuck. So, that formerly promised explanation, it's just been too damned hot for doing anything......but aaaah, how well I slept last night all cuddled up in my blankets to keep the chill at bay:))).

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