Monday, July 23, 2012

Heaven knows that I've put off starting a new exercise regime long enough. Each new week, I think, this is the one where I get more active, where I start to regain my energy, my fitness, my new/old body but then life intervenes and so it has again. There's a lot going on with me right now. I may explain that later but because of unforeseen circumstances, the repairs and maintenance that have long been neglected on the outside of our house that we'd planned to do after the weather cooled a bit, has to be done now, immediately. We started working on all of those chores on Friday and I was so pleased and encouraged by our progress and then on Sunday morning, well.....I suffered a bit of a setback which also keeps me from completing today's DHC challenge: 

Do a Pilates-inspired exercise by lying on your back and rolling up to a seated position 3 times.
A nice start to my new exercise resolution but I'm taking a raincheck on this one because I got myself into a bit of trouble with a nest of angry yellow jackets yesterday. I've done this before but never had the number swarm me or sting me as did yesterday. Three or Four of them got into my hair and I couldn't get them out, they were stinging me in the head and about my face over and over. Their friends took care of the rest of my body. I ran in the house, thinking I'd shake them but they hung on and then I jumped in the shower still wearing my clothes and muddy boots thinking I'd get immediate relief but no. Eventually, I washed them all off of me but they still managed to sting on their way down to the drain. I learned a lot yesterday, for one, unlike bees that have one sting in them and then they die, yellow jackets can each sting up to fifty times. I think some of them were trying to break a record with me yesterday and so far, I've swept and picked up at least 20 of the evil little things. Thankfully, I am not allergic but I plan on putting together a first aid kit for my house, the truck, car and barn that contains both antihistamine and an epi pen because I was so scared during what can only be described as a vicious attack by these mean and determined little creatures that I thought I was having a reaction because I was hyperventilating.

So, long story cut short, I will do this exercise in a few days when my body isn't covered in itchy, painful welts. Otherwise, it's Monday again?....Aaah, it's the start of a brand new week full of possibilities!

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