Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picking up Trash and Drunken Dogs

Well, yesterday went off without incident. Thank goodness! So, I hope my streak of bad luck has ended. I was seriously getting scared to step out my backdoor for fear of what was coming next after last week!

Today's DHC challenge was to pick up trash. This is an easy one since I always do this because unfortunately people are always tossing their trash out their car windows out here in the country. But I do have a funny story!

 We had a dog once for an unfortunately brief time because he got out and was hit by a car when he was just six months old. He was already huge by the time he was six months and he left a huge imprint in our hearts and lives, too. He did the funniest things but perhaps the most amusing and aggravating at the same time was his love of beer. Especially on the weekends, beer bottles would be scattered on the roads and ditches of the rural area where we live. While we had Bear living with us, we'd get up and find all of those bottles in our front yard. I said that it looked as if we'd had a party and had been sitting on our front porch chugging and chucking all night long. We finally discovered Bear carrying a bottle up from the road, sitting it on the edge of the porch and tipping it so he could drink the last drops out of it, ha...He was one smart pup even if he was a bit of a drunk!

Steve's Uncle John didn't believe us until the day we were cutting hay and Bear came up carrying a big quart size bottle and laid it on the side of the wagon to tip it into his mouth. Then there was the fellow who worked for John who liked his more than occasional nip. We were riding our bikes along the trail between the farms one day with the two dogs, Bear and Sidney, running along beside us when we suddenly realized Bear wasn't with us. "Where is Bear?" I asked and Steve says, "Oh, no!" And he points down the hill to a spot in the shade of the barn. There laid that fellow peacefully "sleeping one off" and Bear was standing directly over him with his feet to either side of him and his big ol' head (I did say how big he was didn't I) right in the guy's face while he smelled the fellow's boozy breath. Just as we noticed them, the fellow woke up and in a quivering voice, he says as he raises his shaking hand to pat the dog's head, "Niiiccee Dooogggy."

It was okay because Bear just looked frightening, he was the sweetest, most gentle dog we've ever had....of course he could have been so mellow because of all of the beer in his system.

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