Monday, July 16, 2012

Sign on the Dotted Line

Today's DHC challenge was to make a contract with yourself concerning one of your goals. The idea is that you'll be more committed to accomplishing your goals. I need this motivation on several goals. I feel as if this past week has been one major back slide, little if any progress on any of my goals, lots of just sitting or lying around doing nothing and eating everything while I hold a one person pity party. I know we all have those times in our lives and perhaps it's our bodies or a higher power telling us to regroup and rethink the way we attack those goals because the old way isn't working any longer. A written contract might allow me to refocus. I've always said that I solve more problems by writing about them than I do just thinking about them and I think the focus is the key. It really does clarify your thought process and helps you to organize your thoughts and plans if you see your ideas written on a piece of paper or even a computer screen. So, today I will not only do a little written brainstorming but I'll also truly commit to my goals again by developing the best plan for accomplishing them. Once I develop my plan or "contract," I'll post it here so I'll have even more motivation to accomplish those goals and stick with the plan.

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