Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sensory Sensations

Today's Daily Health Challenge was to think of a smell that brings back happy memories. I've experienced the ability of certain smells to conjure up pleasant memories often and especially at this time of year. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the odor inside a new book....or even an old one...., the smell of peanut butter cookies baking in the cafeteria, the earthy smell of a pile of fallen Autumn leaves all remind me of my first years in grammar school and bring back not only a flood of memories but other sensory sensations, the sound of a hallway full of chattering children, the squeak of a tennis shoe on the gym floor, the static of the loudspeaker as the principal made his daily announcements and then led us all in the pledge of allegiance. I think that we are just more aware of both our senses and all that is around us when we are young. Each new experience brings us a plethora of new sensations and when we're reminded of them, even fifty years later, it takes us right back to that school room or play ground and we remember not only the experience but also all of the sights, smells and sounds around us at the time. I wish that I paid that much attention to my daily life now. There are far fewer new experiences to excite me but I think we tend to sleep walk through so much of our lives. I think this challenge might just help to wake me up a bit. I think about my sweet, old horse, Brandy. Every day, when I feed her, I bury my nose in her mane and inhale deeply. She always smells so sweet, like a combo of honey, flowers and new mown hay with the warmth of sunshine mixed in. I know that I might not have her much longer and I want to remember that smell and the touch of her soft, shiny coat and coarse mane. If I live to be an old woman, I hope I can recall how Brandy smelled and how it felt to lay my head against her warm neck and feel her gentle muzzle and know that peace and contentment that the experience and she gives to me.

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