Monday, September 17, 2012

 I painted the chair yesterday along with an old (not antique, just old) pharmacy lamp. Both are bright cherry red and both have the lovely flaws which come with being older and well used. The pharmacy lamp actually is pretty rough looking. I did sand off the rust but it still shows in a rough texture. Honestly though, I think I like it like that just as I like the stain showing through in spots on this chair.

The second photo shows my metal plate rack and the hand thrown plates which will sit in it as it hangs above this chair. I hope it looks okay because it will be hanging quite high. If I hang it at "eye level," we won't be able to reach the light switch for the closets. The closets are shallow and I'd be perfectly okay with not using the light inside them but Steve insisted so this may look a bit different and take some getting used to. I'll post the two artists that these belong to later since it's been so long since I acquired them that the names have slipped my mind. I'm thinking that the middle one, the red ware charger/platter is by Steve Knutt. I will be looking at the backs of both of them for the signatures though and get back to you on that.

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