Saturday, September 15, 2012

The New Bedroom Progresses

No curtains yet but I did paint a small lamp for the bedside table and I did a bit of decorating today with accessories. And no, there isn't a photo in that frame yet but I know the one that I'm going to use, an old one of Steve that I love. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, I'll be adding wall decorations not only in the form of photos and art but also a black metal rack with three large, hand thrown plates on it that I got when I was doing shows (this will hang between the two closets), curtains made from green pin striped material and perhaps some roman shades, and a large easy chair that use to belong to my mom from the old bedroom that I plan to slip cover using canvas drop clothes so that it blends into this room since it does have the same greens and golds but a rust accent instead of the red used in this room.

Oh, and that large "pillow" on the bed?....That's actually an old bean sack, Sandy Beans that is:) It was a gift from my friend, Valarie Rogers who is an antique dealer based in Loudon.

I'm still not entirely happy with the lamp base which was originally rust colored and then off white and is now green but I may just live with it a while until I can paint the one that I intended to use in this room. Who knows, I might eventually fall in love with it and decide to use the other lamp in the living room instead.
I was telling my sister how many things in this room were gifts from friends and loved ones and they all hold so many memories. That terrarium sitting under the lamp on the bedside table was a gift from Steve on our first Valentine's day when we were dating. It use to have a lid; in fact, it's had two but both were broken so I eventually decided to just let the plants grow out of it instead of in it. The Sandy Beans sack "pillow" of course came from my pal, Valarie and the pretty, delft (?) blue container sitting on the chest-of-drawers was a gift from my Chicago friend, Cher Lemmel. My bestus friend, Pamie Haythorn, made many contributions to this room with gifts she's given me over the years. Namely, the wreath over the bed, the nightlight, the salt glazed dish on the bedside table, a candle which sits on the painted chest which isn't shown in any of these shots and even the lamp shade, which was actually more of a discard than a gift but I takes 'em where I finds 'em. My sister, Yvonne, gave me the salt glazed crock which holds the tulips on the chest-of-drawers. And finally, the chair, that will be sitting in the corner eventually and offering a warm and inviting place to curl up and read or "just sits and thinks," has been through many incarnations but it started its life sitting in my mother's living room. It was her chair and I can still see her sitting by the window with her glasses on the tip of her cute little nose reading in that chair. Even though I've had it recovered and will eventually slip cover it again for this room, I still feel my mama's hug when I sit in it. I still feel like a little bit of her is always here with me to offer me comfort and love and isn't that what the basis of any home should be?

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