Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I've talked a lot about gratitude on this blog. The DHC challenge for today was to express your gratitude to someone whom you've taken for granted. I shared this saying that I know I've shared before but it bears repeating, my mom use to tell me, "Give your flowers to the living because the dead can't appreciated them." We all need to know that we're appreciated, loved and accepted for the unique and special people we are. I tried to always tell my mom what she meant to me, how much I loved her, how grateful I was for all she gave and sacrificed for me, how I admired her, how special she was but looking back, I wish I'd told her more. I can't do that now but I can try my best never to take anyone for granted. I try to always show my gratitude to others especially those who do what they do out of love and expecting nothing in return, not even a thanks. I also try to always start my day with a prayer of gratitude because it makes me realize how blessed I am and how small my problems really are. All of that being said, I have a friend who posted something on FB today that I really needed to hear/read. I think I need to tell her just how much her wise words helped me with something I've been struggling with. I know it makes me feel wonderful when someone tells me that I helped them without even knowing I had. So, that's my gratitude for today.

I also want to share the saying my friend posted that I'm so grateful for. I've been struggling for a long time with someone who is a continual thorn in my side. I try to forgive her every time she says or does something to hurt me but as a friend recently told me, forgiving might be possible but I'll never forget. Perhaps, I can't forget because she continually points out my flaws and I am all too aware of them myself and see her constant verbal jabbings as confirmation. I was thinking just last night that maybe I need to forgive myself and accept myself warts and all and then perhaps her constant criticism won't be so hurtful. Then I saw the post from my friend this morning and felt it was written just for me, "Weak people seek revenge. Strong people forgive. Wise people ignore." I never knew that ignoring her was even an option, haha, but I think that will be my course from now on. Something else my mother use to tell me that her dad told her, "You can't beat a bully with your fists but you can defeat them with a smile. When someone is cruel to you, just smile at them and turn and walk away." Works for me!

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