Saturday, November 10, 2012


Well, I missed posting about my birthday on this blog. I will have to backtrack in a few days. I wanted to say something about gratitude and blessings though. I try to start each day with gratitude. It just makes you a happier person to consider how blessed you are at the start to each day....and cuts down a lot on griping and complaining about little bothers. November is the month of thanks because it is the month that the USA day of Thanksgiving falls in. On Facebook, many of my friends and I are listing something that we're grateful for each day of this month. You'd think that would be hard but the more you think about what you are grateful for the more blessed you realize you are. I will come back and catch up to this tenth day of the month but for today, this is my gratitude:

Today, I'm thankful for Steve, my husband of thirty-seven years, my best friend and confidant. He still makes me laugh, he still calls me at odd times just to talk, the twinkle in his beautiful eyes when he smiles still makes my heart flutter, he still gets me better than anyone and loves me despite myself. We were discussing last night what bad patients husbands make. A friend is currently nursing her husband and I told Steve that I sympathize. I've stood in line at the pharmacy when I had the flu and could barely stand just so I could pick up his meds when he threw out his back. Then I waited on him for days afterwards, cooking everything he wanted and letting him choose what to watch on TV (that was the major sacrifice.) I didn't mind doing these things but as I pointed out last night, he never returns the favor. He's a loving guy but a terrible care giver. He says that he doesn't like to see me in pain so when something happens like my fall from the horse a few years ago that left me with broken bones and barely able to get around, Steve just disappears. I appreciate his empathy but leaving me to fend for myself is not the best course, ha. Now, I know you're asking why I'm complaining about the man who is the object of today's gratitude? Here's the reason, my truck is torn up, will not run and Steve, who has other things he needs to be doing today, got up early so that he could fix it. He may not be the best nurse in the world but he does take care of me. He just likes things he knows how to fix and a hurting me, is not one of those. Oddly, that really does touch my heart, too because he loves me so much, he can't stand to see me hurt but he does make his sacrifices in other ways and I do know that I am loved and cherished and that is a blessing.

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