Saturday, January 19, 2013


This is just the planning stages but I will follow each project and each step with photos in the future. I moved our bedroom to one of the smaller guest rooms several months ago. We are very happy in our new cozy surroundings and my initial intention was to turn our old master bedroom into a studio space for me. Plans do change especially when you take too much time in between planning and doing. We left the large TV and our bedroom chair in the bedroom/studio space because neither fit in the smaller room. I moved an ottoman and a rocker into the room when both of us were recovering from the flu and spending a lot of time catching up on our TV viewing. We got comfortable, too comfortable and decided that we enjoyed having a separate room for TV viewing. So, now, we've decided that this will be a combination of a studio (I'll have a workbench on the far wall) and den-study-family room. Eventually, I hope to have a "real" studio in the basement area which now houses my workshop and wood working tools because Steve wants to add a workshop for both himself and me in the new barn he plans on building this year. We will still have to get electricity and running water to the barn before moving our equipment over there but that is our long term goal. For now, I'm working on plans to turn this combo studio/study into a real room. This morning, I decided on fabric combos, a few decorative pieces and maybe...still not certain...a new wall color. If the color actually looked like the photos, I'd keep it as is. That's what I want but the paint store can't seem to mix it for me!
Until I can afford the leather Chesterfield sofa that I'm dreaming of for this room, I'm turning this old child's bed, that I picked up for just ten dollars (!), into a sofa/day bed. I'd planned on hanging four framed and matted photos over it but this combo of wooden sign and metal star will work much better, I think. I spent the entire morning deciding on what fabric to use. I decided on a green and rust striped velvet to cover the base cushion which we plan on making out of very high density foam wrapped with a down comforter for extra squishy comfort. The large lat art work will hang over a desk that I'm moving from another room and will place on the wall to the right of this. Beside this daybed on one side will be a bookcase and on the other an old cabinet that I will paint. I would like to add hinged arm wall sconces on each side as well. Here is a better look at the materials I'm using on the day bed. The rust shams will cover side pillows, the green stripe is for the seat cushion and there will be lots and lots of back cushions covered in the crewel material.
Here you can see some of the material of the "bedroom" chair in the background and how well it blends with the others. 

I'm considering changing the wall color a bit.

We plan to make a long ottoman to sit in front of the daybed
which we will cover with this leather rug.

Material I'm using for curtains.

This painting that I did in college...and won an art competition with
..will hang in the room as well.

This old dresser has seen better days. We plan to add a top
with folding doors that can be closed to hide the TV and
other components when they are not being used. I will be
painting this dresser. The plan is to do it like a golden, faux
birds eye maple. I may add other decorative effects as well
and I'll be sure to chronicle the entire process here. The dark
wood woodwork/trim on windows and walls will be painted

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