Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cucumber "Sandwich"

Just because I can't eat bread doesn't mean I can't have a sandwich.

Lunch today: stuffed cucumber "sandwich." 1)Halved and seeded cucumber, 2)Added thin sliced roasted turkey,3) Topped with "dip/sauce" made from no-fat Greek yogurt and spices(Mrs. Dash Fiesta and Lime and about a third of a pack of Ranch dressing mix), 4) Sprinkled cooked crumbled bacon on top and 5) Served with a garnish of cilantro. Yummy!

So sorry about the quality of this photo. It was taken at night in a dimly lit room and I'm not all so sure that my flash went off but I did want to share this delicious soup with you. This is made with Cannellini beans. We had never tried this particular bean before. We'd heard on a PBS program that eating this bean could lower your blood pressure by 30%! The only problem was, we couldn't find this bean in our local grocery store so we had to order it from a specialty shop that we found on line. The beans weren't that expensive but the shipping was. I later discovered that one of our favorite online stores, Nuts On Line, carries this bean and their shipping is much more reasonable. Plus, we order so much from them already. We get all of our walnuts and dried cranberries from them both of which we eat and use in recipes daily. And since I've discovered that I have Celiacs Disease, I trust Nuts On Line enough to trust that their gluten free offerings actually are gluten free. They offer not only nuts but all sorts of dried fruits, candies, beans, rice, flours, cooking needs and even coffee. I highly recommend them. Now, back to the soup. I soaked the beans for about five hours, rinsed them and put them in the crockpot with one can of chicken broth and enough water to not only cover them but nearly reach the rim of the pot. I cooked them overnight and the next morning, I added a chopped up onion, some of that Mrs. Dash Fiesta and Lime (lots!), lots of garlic, a can of RoTel tomatoes and peppers (hot), salt to taste and I cooked it all for an additional hour. Ten minutes before removing it from the heat, I added fresh spinach leaves and cooked until just wilted. I served it topped with grated cheese and a little cilantro with tortilla chips on the side. The photo is lousy but the soup was very, very good.

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