Friday, January 11, 2013

Junk Food Hangover!

I woke up feeling terrible this morning. My stomach hurt and I felt terribly sluggish and overall achy. I was thinking, "Is this flu ever going to leave?" And then, I started thinking about what I ate yesterday. For breakfast, protein and starch with two eggs and oven roasted potato hash. After that, it was all down hill with only junk food. I had Thai noodles for lunch and where I usually add vegetables and nutrition, I was in a hurry this time and just had the noodles which is basically saying, starch and water. I got to the grocery store late and I was feeling very hungry. All of that food to choose from and  instead of nutritious, I chose to eat on "diet eve" an entire pack of gluten free chocolate cookies (actually half on the way home and half later as a substitute for dinner with a tortilla chip chaser!) I am extremely ashamed of myself and well I should be after a junk food bender like that. Why am I so miserable this morning?....because I have a junk food hang over!! The good news is, I shopped for mainly vegetables yesterday. I'm turning over a new leaf today. Here is the plan for the next week and hopefully beyond (but I'm doing this change in baby steps, one week at a time): protein shake (with lots of fresh fruit.. pomegranate seeds, cranberries and blue berries) and a banana for breakfast, home made vegetable soup for lunch (cannellini beans, cabbage, onions, celery, garlic, pepper, and tomatoes), and either fish and a vegetable side dish or roasted chicken and green salad with home made dressing for dinner. I'll probably have fruit and green tea if I need a between meal snack. I'm trying to detox in my own way by cutting out as much processed food as possible, adding more fresh fruit and vegetables, and the hardest thing for me, cutting out dairy and of course all junk food....including my "beloved" diet Dr. Ps to which I'm severely addicted. I'm tired of feeling sick and tired. I know dieting, losing weight and getting back in shape at my age after years of being basically sedentary will not be easy but I've decided that I want this badly enough to fight for it...even though my main adversary is myself. I joked with my husband last week that I need to get in shape to get in shape. I saw a TV program last night that said that we are basically killing ourselves with our sedentary life style. I know that is not news to most of us but the numbers that the doctor put up were startling. He has devised a "treadmill table" so that he can work on his computer and move at the same time. He suggested, not just sitting each night in front of the TV but getting up and moving during commercials. I did that last night and I've decided that I will make a habit of it. I also plan to start with walking and gradually build myself and my exercise regime up. In the past, I expected to start out at the same speed as I had when I was younger but the fact, that isn't going to happen, has finally gotten through my thick skull! Needless to say, I always quit before I really got started with that plan. This time, I'm starting very slow. I'm actually forcing myself to slow down and really think about every move I make, concentrating on technique before I move on. I told many of you how I want to run a 5k in April; well, I have other plans, too. I've neglected my horses for far too long and myself for that matter. I hope that by Spring, I'm living my life again and relishing every moment and if for some reason I'm not, it won't be because of lack of trying!

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