Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The steroids that I'm taking for the bronchitis not only are keeping me awake at night but also giving me the munchies. I am trying to keep the snacking down to a minimum and also down to only low cal and healthy snacks. I will admit to indulging in a few tortilla chips to accompany my salsa yesterday and my yogurt dip this morning but I tried to keep it to a serving size both times. I hope all of this doesn't totally undo the weight lost over the past month.

It's very wet here. We've had non-stop rain for two days and it is supposed to keep going until late tomorrow. I now have five brown horses since the gray one is in a muddy disguise. The horses make me anxious with their horse play in this slippery mess. They are able to maneuver a lot better than me though. I'm usually the one struggling to stay upright just walking while they gallop around, kicking and bucking and having a great time with nary a slip....so far! I'm such a worry wart. :)

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