Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coconut Oil

A few months ago, someone mentioned coconut oil to me. They claimed it was extremely healthy, healing to the body and boost weight loss. I didn't even bother to research it because the only thing I knew about coconut oil was that it was what made theater popcorn so bad for you for so many years. Then today, my friend Jacki sent this article to me. I trust Jacki and know that she's always been extremely health conscious. So, I read this article and it changed my mind entirely. Turns out that the coconut oil I was familiar with, the bad kind, is hydrogenated. The good kind is extra virgin coconut oil. I just ordered a quart to try of the edible kind packaged in glass and a container of the topical kind to use as a skin cream. I'm excited because if you read the article you'll find that there are all sorts of health benefits to extra virgin coconut oil.

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