Monday, March 4, 2013


I watched the Footloose remake this morning and it made me feel so old. It seems that I remember the original making me feel old, too, and I was in my early to mid-twenties then. And, although the actors in the original were my age playing teenagers, I don't think I ever remembered being that young and carefree even then. Still, there is something to be said about the major case of "don't cares" that you acquire with age. You don't care what anyone thinks of you so you in turn don't care if they think you look a fool dancing or singing or riding a horse or trying anything new. You don't have anyone to answer to anymore but yourself and no one to ask you if you'd jump off a cliff just because your friends do and sometimes, you can see the merit in jumping off that cliff even without peer pressure motivation. Often though, there are things that we care more about than we did in our reckless youth, like breaking bones and twisting already sore joints. We also don't seem to have the energy to even attempt the reckless things we didn't attempt in our younger days just because someone told us we couldn't. So, although age is a coin with two sides to it, I've decided to take control of its toss somewhat by at least attempting to get in better shape this year by working out and eating better. I'm only four days in and have already slipped up by eating that T-bone I shouldn't have had....ah heck, who's going to tell me not to eat it and it was darn well worth every luscious and juicy bite! But I keep moving forward even if it is at an age slowed pace. I know I'll never be able to dance with spry energy of those kids in Footloose but I can dance with just as much joyful abandon. I'm fifty-seven years old (although for you younger folk, it never feels like it and you constantly wonder how the h*ll you got here and where the years disappeared to.) Who knows how many years I have left? If I'm lucky, maybe thirty to thirty-five max. So, today I made a decision to not just mindlessly shuffle through those remaining years but to dance joyfully all the way to my grave. 

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