Monday, March 4, 2013

DAY FOUR: Okay, I slipped yesterday but the temptation for the "rare" steak was just too much for me. My will weakened and I gave in......and, if I'm being honest, it was worth it! Still, it hurts to see the scale keep climbing up and up. I would ask what is wrong with me because this didn't start with the diet. I'd lost a good ten pounds by the first of 2013 and managed to lose a few more up until about a month ago. No, I did not indulge in Valentine's Day candy. I would have but the Celiacs means that I'm restricted to just gluten free chocolate which means hardly any since most chocolate surprisingly contains soy sauce which in turn contains wheat. So, since nothing about my diet or activity level changed, I have no apparent cause for the sudden and rather rapid weight gain...I'm up the ten pounds and then some! Considering yesterday's indulgence, I really wasn't expecting a change, in the good direction, on the scale this morning and I didn't get one. You'd think that expectation would lower the disappointment level but it doesn't. Still, I'm going to keep going and try not to slip up again and also try to be patient with my body and let it adjust. I cleaned out my office a few weeks ago and moved everything to the new "den." There are boxes piled up to the ceiling in that room, while I clean, paint and rearrange furniture in here. Today's goal is to finish up this room (at least for now because I do have more changes planned as soon as Steve has time to help me with some of the heavy lifting that I can't manage on my own.) and clear out the "den" has, for over twenty-five years, been our master bedroom so I'm still having a hard time calling it anything else much less, den, TV room, study. I'm hoping that, once the room is clear of its current clutter, I have room to exercise. I know from past experience that I just can't get the weight loss ball rolling without exercise. Outside, it's been too cold or too wet or a combo of both for the last few months for me to walk or run or even work with my horses which tends to be a pretty good work out. I have tons of exercise tapes and dvds as well as exercise channels on the roku to work out with but I think that I'm not in good enough shape to start there. I recently purchased a walking workout dvd and I think that is where I'll begin and I'm hoping to make that start tomorrow morning. Once I start working out, I think that the number on that scale will start moving in the right direction. Since the basement is still under re-construction, I will move our weight bench and elliptical into the "den" temporarily and then probably to the dining room temporarily after that room is repainted and finished until I can move them and their brother and sister exercise machines down to their permanent home in the basement. By that time, I hope that I'm an exercise machine, too, ha...and doing those workouts in clothing several sizes smaller!
I hope everyone's week is off to a great start. I'm beginning to feel the joy of possibility again. This morning started with yogurt and granola and then my second meal was oatmeal and fruit. That is probably way too much grain for a diet but I had the oatmeal made and forgot to turn the crockpot on last night so it wasn't ready piping hot for both Steve's and my breakfast at 4AM. Instead, I had a small bowl at 8AM. The next two meals will be a salad and a protein/fruit/veg shake and dinner might be a shrimp curry on purple rice. I don't know if that last is on the diet but it's what's on the menu until I go to the grocery store again tomorrow.

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