Thursday, March 14, 2013

I want to say something about the Dr OZ cleanse/detox diet that I've posted below, I've done detox diets before. They do make you feel much better, they make you feel physically and often mentally "lighter", and they can also kickstart weight loss. My only problem with the ones that I've done before is the length of time you are supposed to restrict yourself in this way. It's usually at least two weeks. In my experience, I've lost a tremendous amount of weight this way in a short time much as twenty pounds!...but after two weeks of extreme changes to my diet and lifestyle, I'm ready to get back to my old hedonistic consumer ways and put those pounds right back on...and most likely replace those toxins in my body that I just shed. Dr. Oz's program is only three days long and that, in itself, makes far morse sense to me and seems far more doable and far more likely to actually initiate change in my diet and lifestyle that will last. I probably won't start this diet this week....Sunday is St Patty's day after all and I have a tradition of making and enjoyably consuming the required corned beef and cabbage....but next week I think I'll head to the grocery store with this shopping list and start on a short three day journey to better health and wellbeing.

From the Dr Oz website, a three day cleanse & detox diet
Yesterday was a busy day, in which, I accomplished only a fraction of what I set out to do. Still, as sluggish as I've been this entire winter, I say that accomplishing anything in a day is progress. I was a very bad girl with the diet. It all started when I decided to step on the scale at 5:30 in the AM and be shocked awake by what I saw....a three pound increase since last Friday!!! I did pretty well after that sticking to the restrictions and limits of my diet but that was mainly because my cupboard was getting a bit bare and choices were limited to low fat and calorie offerings. Later, after a dreaded trip to the dentist, I stopped at the grocery store to restock on healthy and decided to indulge myself in some chocolate kisses (only on the shelf chocolate that I know of without gluten...besides they were on sale) reasoning with myself that, if I'm going to gain while dieting, I might as well eat what I want. I know, I know, that is probably terribly faulty reasoning but it was only one day and I plan to freeze the remaining kisses hoping that will keep me from just mindlessly consuming the whole bag in one sitting. No time to sit today anyway...although I am right now, ha...since I have to make up today for what I didn't finish yesterday. I will say that I'm not giving up on this diet and attempt at changing my lifestyle to one far more healthy. When I was younger, I never gave up but as I grew older, I found occasionally admitting defeat was a bit freeing. That in itself became a hard habit to break. Now, I have a new philosophy, don't give up, give in or otherwise quit, instead, regroup and reevaluate. You don't have to give up your goals just because you chose the wrong path to reach them. You just need to choose a new path.

My friend, Gary, just sent me the most interesting and informative note about detox diets. What he says makes a lot of sense and explains why, in the past, I've always gained back the weight lost after long lasting detox diets, "I guess it's the medical background in me, but I regard detox diets pretty much the way I do taking a round of antibiotics, or any other drug.A drug is any substance that produces physical and /or chemical change in us.That leads us to the conclusion that food is the drug that we're all addicted to.Some drugs will heal you, and others will kill you.This holds true for our food! In medicine, when someone needs a steroid, usually it's given in a "burst" fashion, meaning you take , say, 3 pills for 2 days, then 2 pills for 2 days, then 1 pill for 4 days, then 1/2 pill for 2 days, then quit.Most detox diets are bursts or jolts like that.I've checked, and the foods of the detox diets are beneficial cause they have high chemical concentrations of certain drugs/ chemicals.Trouble is, give an arthritic a burst of steroids and they feel great, then OK, then just like before.Same with detox diets.Unfortunately all drugs have a limited duration of action.Detox is a great kick start to a good diet, but good diet, done consistently, is what will be a lot more beneficial! Speaking of good diet I've got to improve mine! Trying really hard to improve my diet and increase my exercise during this 4 weeks prior to surgery, but thus far I'd have to give myself a C-! So, guess I'm writing this to me more than anyone else!"
I'm beginning to realize that diet, like anything else in life, is an ongoing project. My goal should not be to lose weight or even to get fit but to find balance in my life and hopefully, those other two things will be happy and natural results of that balance. I was just thinking that life is a lot like riding a horse, if you're tense, stiff and constantly worried about being perfect, you're going to be bouncing all over the saddle and feel totally out of control but if you just relax and go with it, you feel as if you become one with your horse and your ride is totally enjoyable. It's time I learn to relax and enjoy the ride.

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