Saturday, March 30, 2013

My DHC challenge today was to find a nature photo and immerse myself into it. This photo is actually my desktop image. I see and enjoy it every day and it bring back such wonderful memories. It was taken of my mare, Mouse, and her foal, Danny, who was just 24 hours old and becoming familiar with all the joys of this world and the pesky irritating aspects, like flies. Even today, nearly three years later, I remember that weekend in vivid detail, much like this photograph. It is a memory that I cherish. I'd never experienced any sort of birth before and the foal had a leg tucked in when he first tried to arrive. At the time it was very traumatic. My vet was out of town and I had to call a friend to help me. After it was all over and my friend had calmed all of my worries about the foal, assuring me he was perfect and everything had gone just as it should, she asked me, "Wasn't that just the most magical experience? Wasn't it wonderful?" I answered, "No! It was traumatic and frightening." She said, "Just wait." Even across the phone lines, I could hear her smile and she was right. A few hours later, he was on his feet and getting acquainted with his mother. The beauty of the love and adoration and obvious pride in her eyes as she continually stared at him melted my heart. It was magical, it was beautiful, it was wonderful and I still tear up a bit and my heart swells when I remember that day.

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