Friday, March 15, 2013


I still haven't given up on doing that diet I talked about but I've decided that any sort of cleansing, liver boosting diet should be used only occasionally. It's like my friend Gary told me yesterday, detox diets should be used as a boost to your regular diet not carried on for long lengths of time. That doesn't mean that I shouldn't include the healthy habits that I learn from those diets gradually into my "life plan." For example, the green tea and lemon is a healthy and body cleansing drink to have each day. The protein shake full of healthy vegetables and fruit is a quick, filling and energizing meal anytime I'm pushed for time. I certainly need more water and if I could just make myself do it, a glass before and during each meal is a good idea. Beets and other fruits and vegetables are not only nutritious and give sustained energy but aren't just diet food. I feel so much better when I eat more fruit and vegetables. Yesterday, I had a salad for lunch with a little turkey, chopped up plums and walnuts and it was delicious. Then for dinner, we ate vegetarian again: a similar green salad just without the turkey, purple rice again (really getting to be a new favorite!), and topped the rice with a veggie mix of baby bellas, onion, garlic and crispy snow peas. It was delicious and left my tummy feeling better than it has in the last six months! I did have a celiac episode after all of the chocolate I slipped up and devoured on Wed. but it has passed and I'm trying to get more in touch with my body. It's time I did this, changed my diet and lifestyle, not for how I look to others but for how I feel inside. I've been obsessed and embarrassed by my size for a long while but that has not helped me to lose one ounce. Concentrating on how eating right makes me feel, lighter, more energized and certainly without the pain and time loss caused by the celiac reaction, that should be motivation enough and hopefully, weight loss as an extremely nice side effect.

Okay, I'm going to keep updating this post all day long...which I do realize will mess up my email feed thingie.....with what I eat and then, at the end of the day, I'll tally up and see just what I am consuming. I know, from past experience, that keeping a food diary keeps me honest and accountable. It's also just good to realize exactly what you're putting into your body. I keep saying that I'm not eating enough to be gaining the weight I've gained lately but maybe it's not how much but what, I'm eating that's causing the problem. If I make myself aware, I will also think twice before eating something that I'd rather not show up in a public half a bag of chocolate kisses.

black coffee
low fat Greek yogurt, fruit on the bottom, pineapple
simply granola...three handfuls which I'll measure later...I'm thinking somewhere between a quarter and half cup

Mixed greens salad
one plum, chopped
handful of walnuts
Annie's Natural Tuscan dressing
glass of lemon water

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