Sunday, March 17, 2013

The DHC challenge for today:

Name a sport or exercise you'd like to learn or take up again.

There are several because I use to be quite active and now I'm so out of shape. I'm going to start with just fitness walking. Then a friend has invited me to Zumba classes. Those look like a lot of fun! Of course, I want to start riding my horses again. That would be good for both them and me. And despite what Dr Phil says, riding is a workout. It might not be as strenuous as really aerobic exercise but it doe work your muscles. Also, I used to be an avid biker. We biked religiously, every single day and on weekends, we'd go to the mountains and do sixty miles in a day.....of course that's 30 miles up the mountain which took hours and 30 miles back down the mountain which took 20 minutes, lol. I said early in the year that I want to start running and run at least a 15k but my knees and ankles are in such bad shape from past injuries that I don't know if they'll allow me to do that. Still, if I can't run, I may try to conquer another skill that I never learned in my youth, swimming. I'm terrified of the water. There is a very embarrassing incident where we went snorkeling and my snorkel mask broke (of course mine would.) I was flailing around and yelling for help only to open my eyes and realize that I was just a few feet from shore...and an audience of two amazed people....and in just a few feet of water. That is what fear does to you. I'd also like to start going to the mountains and hiking again. I really enjoy that but it's so unsafe for a woman alone so I'll need to find some friends who'd like to do that, too. So, there are lots of activities I would like to do anew or again. I'd better get busy. :) 

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